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Add Lovd as a sales channel to boost profits, sell wholesale or liquidate inventory without any disruption to your current fulfillment process.

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Completely free for suppliers

Sell used-goods?
Want to sell more?

Add Lovd as a sales channel to boost profits without any disruption to your current fulfillment process.

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Built on Shopify

Lovd is a built on Shopify so you can start today.

Sign up for our Shopify app to start reselling today. Add products to your own store with 1 click.

Built on Shopify

Use the system you’re used to

One-click profit

Add products with one-click


Sell more without changing your process

Lovd is the #1 dropshipping platform for high-margin used goods.

Add our Shopify app to your store to add your inventory. Prices and quantity update automatically.

Orders come through like any other sales channel. Fulfill like you normally would.

We don’t charge suppliers anything to sell on Lovd.

Earn profits without changing your process and without marketing.

Track listings, sales and orders in one simple dashboard.

Resellers interact with customers and market your inventory - you don’t need to do a thing.


Add Lovd for free

Lovd is free to use for suppliers.
We just charge for payment processing.


/ monthly

Add Lovd as a sales channel for free. Boost profits today.

  • 24 hr email support
  • 3% payment processing fee
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Users
  • Advanced Dashboard
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Add Lovd for Free

Add the Lovd app as a Shopify sales channel to boost sales with no additional work

Have discount or used goods on a Shopify store
Free to use
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Fits in existing flow

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